Social Media

Social Media is the perfect solution to create your own video sharing and uploading community just like Youtube, Myspace and Metacafe.... this premium package includes the most advanced features on the market today at an extremely affordable price while offering the potential for you to reach maximum rewards.

List Of Features - Frontend
NEW In V2.1
  • Forum Integration (VBulletin, Invision Power Board, Simple Machines Forum, PHPBB, MyBB)
  • Advanced Arcade Integration
  • Paid Subscription Packages (PayPal and
  • Webcam Recorder Upload (Requires a FMS such as Red5 -
  • LDAP (Active Directory) Login Authorization
  • Ability for users to submit embed codes (Can be enabled / disabled)
  • Video preview when you hover over a thumbnail
  • Media Responses
  • Unlimited categories and sub-categories
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Template engine for easy customization
  • Multi-language (Members can select a language from their account settings)
  • Captcha on various form fields to prevent spam (Can be enabled / disabled)
  • RSS feeds
  • Invite friends - Members can invite friends from MSN, Yahoo, GMail etc
  • Link trading system (Ability to track traffic)
Member Profiles
  • Profiles can be completely customized (Just like MySpace and IMVU)
    • Each box can be dragged to a new position
    • Each box can have unique colors for each element (Title, font, background etc)
    • New boxes can be added with either custom content or an RSS feed
    • Boxes can be deleted or minimised for later use
    • Users can add their own css to their profile, and create their own unique look
  • Simple profile editor which enables members to easily customize their profile without HTML / CSS knowledge
  • Users are able to leave comments on other users profiles
  • Each profile has ten sections: Profile Home, Media, Favorites, Playlists, Friends, Groups, Blogs, Picture Gallery, Comments, Subscribers
Edit Profile / Account Settings
  • Members can set their global display name
  • Ability to change profile title and description / reset profile views.
  • Members can change their "Channel". Channels are used to group members with similar interests.
  • Members can upload a profile avatar from their computer, or choose one from their uploaded pictures or media
  • Members can change various information regarding their interests and hobbies.
  • Members can change their personal information such as name, country, birth date, email address etc.
  • Profile can be set as public or private (Friends only)
  • Profile / picture comments can be enabled / disabled
  • Members can select a global site language
  • Family filter on/off
  • Members can set what they will receive email notifications for
  • Ability to configure mobile phone uploading
Member Groups
  • Each member is assigned to a member group
  • The default member groups are Root Admin, Admin, Members, Guests, Banned
  • Each member group has different permissions / settings which can be configured via the admin panel (Too many options to list)
Media Page
  • Rate media (Ajax)
  • Add to favorites, playlist or group (Ajax)
  • Flag media as inappropiate (Ajax)
  • Email to friend (Ajax)
  • Add to social bookmarks (digg, etc) (Ajax)
  • Save media to computer (Can be enabled / disabled for different user groups)
  • Display / post comments (Ajax)
  • Members can add videos to their profile (Ajax)
  • Copy / paste embed code and link
  • Related media / more media from user (Ajax)
  • Each media file can have its own sponsor content or advertisement
  • Media can be browsed by category, searched or sorted by various options
  • Media can be browsed in two views: detailed and basic
  • Media tag cloud - shows most searched tags
  • Media Plugs: Admins can add media plugs which look like regular media files, however link to another site (Great way to circulate traffic around a network)
My Media / My Favorites
  • Members can manage their uploaded media files
  • Members can manage their favorite media files
  • Audio Swap: Members can change the audio of their uploaded videos
Subscriptions / Subscribers
  • Members can subscribe to media from a certain tag, or another member
  • Latest media subscriptions are displayed on the "members home" page
  • Members can create blogs
  • Blogs can be set as either public, public (profile only), friends only or diary.
  • Powerful WYSIWYG editor
  • Users can browse blogs, search them, or sort them using a variety of options
Picture Galleries
  • Members can upload pictures which are hidden from the main site
  • Members can create multiple albums to organise their pictures.
  • Albums can be set as public, friends only or private
  • Members can create groups and set them to either public, private or protected
  • Group owner can edit group settings such as validation of media uploads, forum postings and group icons
  • Each group has a forum whereby topics can be created and group members can reply
  • Ability to browse the members and media in a group
  • Users can browse groups, search them, or sort them using a variety of options
  • Members can create playlists which act as a members own category.
  • Playlist owner can add any media files to their playlist
  • Playlist media can easily be arranged to new positions using drag and drop
  • Playlist owner can modify playlist details or delete the playlist
  • Users can browse playlists, search them, or sort them using a variety of options
Private Message System
  • Members can compose messages to one another / their friends using the built in message system (WYSIWYG editor)
  • Members receive messages for friend requests, media comments etc
  • Admins can set the number of messages that each user group can store
  • Progress bar to track the percentage of message space available
  • Members can add each other to their "friends list"
  • Friends can view each others media files which are set to "private"
  • Friends can be searched, or sorted individually by the first letter of their username
  • Ability to change top friends / set amount of top friends to display on profile
  • Ability to block members from viewing your profile or interacting with you
  • Members can post bulletins which are shown to the members on their "friends list"
  • Admins can post bulletins which are shown to all members
  • Latest bulletins are displayed on the "members home" page.
Media Upload
  • Upload any type of media file or set restrictions on certain formats
  • Real-time upload progress bar with detailed statistics (No extra software required)
  • Automatic thumbnail generation for images and videos
  • Mobile Phone Upload: Members can upload media from their mobile phone using MMS
Video Conversion
  • Ability to convert uploaded videos to FLV format
  • Background process video conversion (If enabled)
  • Setting: Auto delete original video on/off
  • Setting: Resize uploaded video on/off
  • Setting: Set video conversion quality
Video Player
  • Users can email the playing video to their friend
  • Users are provided with a direct link to the video, or a code to embed the video
  • Slow motion on/off
  • Video smoothing allows user to set playback quality (Higher quality or faster viewing) on/off
  • Video preferences - Brightness, Contrast, Saturation
  • Admins can add advertisements which rotate and pop-up at random times during playback
  • Fullscreen option without the video restarting
  • Player guide which displays at the end of the video
  • Watermark can be added to any position on the player
Video Commercials
  • Commercials can be set to play before or after videos
  • Supports jpg,gif,png,swf or flv
  • Commercial views are tracked
  • Commercials can be linked to any site
Slave Servers / Server Balancing
  • Multiple servers can be added so media / videos are streamed from multiple servers
  • Slave servers require no additional files. Simply setup an FTP account on the server and it is ready to store media
  • Slave servers rotate randomly. You can have as many enabled as you wish at the one time.
List Of Features - Admin
Media Management
  • Media
  • Media Categories
  • Media Comments
  • Media Plugs
  • Video Commercials
  • FLV Player
  • Audio Swap
Member Management
  • Members
  • User Groups
  • Channels
  • Blogs
  • Bulletins
  • Groups
Tools & Settings
  • Settings
  • Module Management
  • Advertisements
  • Bad Words
  • Links
  • Servers
  • Site Announcements
  • Tools
Look & Feel
  • Templates
  • Language
  • Profile Themes