Advanced Arcade

Advanced Arcade offers a multitude of unique features to elevate you to the highest level in gaming scripts. This fun-packed bundle is the perfect opportunity for you to earn great profits while enjoying the excitement of running your own arcade site.

List Of Features - Frontend
Global Features
• Categories and sub-categories
• RSS feeds for each category
• Search engine friendly urls to help with search engine ranking
Includes OVER 2100 flash games to get you started!!!

Game Page
• Each game can have its own sponsored content (For example, a text link or ad)
• Users can add the game to their favourites
• Users can send the game page to their friend via email
• Users are able to rate the game using a javascript slider
• Users can save the game to their computer, or view it in full screen mode
• Users have the ability to add the game to their website as an embed code or as a link

User Features
• Upload their own games
• Add games to their list of favourites
• Add other users to their friends list in order to track their games
• Private message other users
• Comment on games
• Visit other users profiles, and leave comments or view their details

Private Message System
• Users can private message any other user on the website
• Users are notified of friend requests via private message
• Site admins can set the amount of private messages allowed to be stored
• Each user has their own progress bar which tracks the percentage of which their inbox is full

View Profile
• Each user has their own unique profile.
• The profile index page offers other users to view a members details, and add send a message to them or add them as a friend
• Users are able to leave comments on other users profiles
• Each profile has five sections: Profile Home, Games, Favorite Games, Friends, Comments
- Each of which list the information for their specific title

• Site admins have the ability to allow guests and users to post comments, or only users
• Comment BBCode can either be turned on or off

• Users can enter a certain search term and find relating games
• Each game can be associated with tags, so searches can easily be performed by clicking a tag on a game

Link / Friends
• Users can submit links, which must be approved through the admin panel.
• A great way to trade traffic with other sites

Guest Credit System
• Limit the number of games that unregistered users can play before having to register (Reset each day)
List Of Features - Admin
• Every aspect of Advanced Arcade can be configured through the settings page
• Admins are able to add their own settings, thus enabling them to further modify the script to their needs

• Admins are able to keep a close watch on the comments that are being added to games
• They are able to modify the comments, view who they were posted by, or delete them
• Admins are able to list comments for a particular game for easy modifying

• Admins are able to modify or delete games that has been uploaded by users
• A search box has been included which enables admins to search through games with ease
• Admins are able to add games themselves, which gives them a larger range of options than a regular user has when uploading
• When uploading games, admins can either: Upload the game from their PC, Insert a game URL (The game will be copied to your server), Select a game on your server that has previously been uploaded via FTP or insert a custom embed code (or anything for that matter, including an advertisement or list of links etc)
• Each game can be given its own unique "sponsor content". The content will show below the game and can be absolutely anything (Maybe a text link or advertisement).
• Admins can queue games to be added at a later date. This is very useful if you plan to go on vacation, so it seems as if you are still updating the content each day.

Validate User Games
• Admins are able to set an option in the settings section which will enable them to validate all user games before they are shown on your website
• Admins can modify the game information, then either approve or decline it

• Admins can add an unlimited amount of categories
• Sub-categories can then be created which will link to a parent category

• Admins can view the information of every member on the site and are able to modify the information if need be
• Admins can set specific users to verified or unverified, thus restricting a users access to their account
• Admins have the ability to delete users
• A search box has been included which enables admins to search for a user with ease

• Every aspect of Advanced Arcade is modifiable via the admin panel, ranging from each page to the style sheet
• Admins are able to have multiple templates, thus enabling them to change the site theme with ease
• Admins can create their own pages and are shown detailed instruction on how to include a link to the page in a template file
• Admins are able to zip the templates and download them, thus enabling them to keep a backup if something happened to their site

• Admins can approve or decline submitted links
• Link stats can be reset thus enabling new sites to be at the top of the list each day

• Admins can modify pre-defined advertising spots with ease
• With little knowledge, you can even add your own ad spots